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16 March 2011

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There is certain number of things that can prove challenging while controlling the monitor of the computer. From turning your monitor on or off to changing the screensaver after searching the picture from the hard drive does takes time and hassle though not much. But you can have these facilities along with others with a solution that is known to be Monitor Control 2.05. It is a small software application that gets installed quickly and takes the responsibility of operating the monitor in an effective way. The application turns off the computer monitor in a particular span of time that is set by you. You will be able to set the timing for the screen in which it turns off. This product is a creation of Softany Software and is really effective way to manage the monitor power system.

To begin with we could say it assists in manually turn off the monitor of your PC. Secondly while switching the computer off; it simultaneously locks the computer too. It will provide protection to your PC if you are away and somebody wants to access your PC without your authorization. The monitor controller also aids in starting the default screensaver or any other screensaver that is installed in your system. In case any special program stars like, updating of any software is complete or copying of large number of files is done from one drive to other the screensaver gets disabled itself. You need not follow the stereotype route to change the screensaver or its setting as it offers a much simpler and easy way to do it. The utility further allows disabling of power scheme after screensaver is disabled.

Monitor Control offers you to carryout varied number of functions to adjust the monitor functions. As far as giving the utility a score we find 3 very apt for it on a scale of five on account of its optimum performance.

Publisher's description

Softany Monitor Control is a tray program that help you manually turn off your computer's monitor, manually start any
screensaver installed in your system rather than waiting for a number of minutes; quick change screensaver
settings; automatically disable screensaver and power scheme so that you can easily get rid of their harassing while
watching DVD or TV on your computer, etc. (keywords:start screensaver, disable screensaver, stop
screensaver, deactive screensaver, launch screensaver, turn off monitor, turn off screen,
screensaver starter, manage screensaver, screensaver setting, turn off laptop monitor, turn off
notebook monitor, screensaver manager)
1. Manually turn off your computer's monitor.
2. Manually turn off your computer's monitor and synchronously lock your computer.
3. Manually start default screensaver.
4. Manually start any screensaver installed in your computer.
5. Automatically disable screensaver when special programs start.
6. Quick change screensaver settings.
7. Hotkey suppots
8. Allow disabling Power Schemes after disabling screensaver.
9. Log off, Shut down, Restart, Power off, Hibernate and lock computer.
Monitor Control
Monitor Control
Version 2.05
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